A Loft Affair

Nothing says understated elegance like a stunning loft.  With Ottawa’s condo market booming, there are still only a handful of true loft buildings in this city.  There are projects though claiming to be “lofts” but don’t be fooled.  These are what I refer to as “soft lofts”.  Most soft lofts usually do have 9′-10′ ceilings however that industrial feel we love so much in these spaces are no where to be found.  Below are some examples of Ottawa’s “true lofts” that are or have been recently for sale.  They range in price from the mid $300,000’s – $1.1 million.  Enjoy!

124 Guigues Ave

179 George Street

95 Beech Street

45 Spencer Street

589 Rideau Street

108 Third Ave

320 Mcleod Street

320 Mcleod Street

About tylerlaird
Having been born and raised in Ottawa, this city is more than my home, it is a part of who I am and the basis from which all other cities must be compared. I have watched it grow and progress in its size and over time I found myself naturally drawn to the different neighbourhoods, with their varying characters, layouts and styles. After earning a BA in Law from Carleton University, Tyler discovered a new passion, real estate. In 2010, he began to use his passion for Ottawa’s various housing styles and diverse neighbourhoods, to help many people find that place that they can call home.

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