Pretty Fly Furniture

So now that you have your unreal loft, it’s time to fill it.  If you don’t already know about Restoration Hardware, take a second and browse their online store (they do have a store in Toronto).  They specialize in very unique, vintage inspired everything for your home.  Obviously they have a ton of couches, chairs, tables and book shelves, however they also carry art work, lighting, hooks, cabinet knobs, photography, paint and the list goes on and on.  They have recently designed a line called Aviator, a collection intended to  look very much like World War II fighter plane parts. If you are looking for something to take your space to the next level, scroll down to get a little taste of what Restoration Hardware has to offer.  These eleven photos really do not do this place any justice.

About tylerlaird
Having been born and raised in Ottawa, this city is more than my home, it is a part of who I am and the basis from which all other cities must be compared. I have watched it grow and progress in its size and over time I found myself naturally drawn to the different neighbourhoods, with their varying characters, layouts and styles. After earning a BA in Law from Carleton University, Tyler discovered a new passion, real estate. In 2010, he began to use his passion for Ottawa’s various housing styles and diverse neighbourhoods, to help many people find that place that they can call home.

2 Responses to Pretty Fly Furniture

  1. Deborah Pfeil says:

    Very interesting furniture, an industrial feel yet warm. Perhaps a look we might try as we are trying to incorporate modern, contemporary design into our custom, very rustic log home. We have recently ordered 2 chainsaw carvings, one is of a gargoyle, 36″ – 40″ high, winged, incredible detail, which I have inside on our main staircase landing at the moment and may go into the garden but not sure I want to put it outside! The other carving is huge, about 600 lbs, and is of a huge hand, cupped upward, sitting on the wrist, let’s say, and big enough, obviously, to put a cushion and sit in as a chair. Will be on the front porch as somewhat of a conversation piece and to lounge in. Take a look next time you pass to go to the cottage………take care……

  2. Stretch says:

    I love Restoration Hardware! My mum has furnished out home with lots of their pieces.
    They also have really great towels! (thick and fluffy)
    The handcream is a must!

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