My Customer Service Guarantee

This is how happy I am with my experience.

Customer service is pretty much dead, but we have known for that for years.  We always complain about how slow the service was here, or how inept that person was there, but we should also recognize that some people/companies go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic experience.  Even though it really doesn’t have much to do with real estate, I am going to take a second and do that now.

Last weekend, I installed the new Apple operating system, Lion.  Due to an error of my own, I erased half of my hard drive, including every piece of paper work, of every real estate transaction I have ever been apart of.  Thankfully, I have all of the hard copies at the office.  After a half-dozen phone calls and then finally  a trip into the Apple store (You’re the man Beau),  I finally now have a fully operationally Macbook Pro, running both Lion OSX and Windows 7.  Every single person that I dealt with along the way did everything they could do, to help me solve my problem.  Even though my warranty expired, they said “because I downloaded new software” they would be able to extend my warranty so that they could help me for free, which they absolutely didn’t have to do. When I called windows for help, they told me in order to speak to support, I would have to pay $59.00. My experience was phenomenal with Apple and from now on, I will only buy Apple products. You should too.

This process got me thinking.  In real estate, there is nothing more important than having open, honest, and prompt communication with your agent.  With this in mind, I’m going to pledge to make customer service one of my top priorities. This is my guarantee to you.  If you are working with me and I do not get back to you with in 24 hours of your phone call/email/text/BBM with an answer, I will pay you $100 cash on closing for every single time this happens.  So call me and lets get to work.  Have a great day.


If it feels good, do it!

The average buyer has about ten items on their wish list when they look for a home or condo:

1. Price
2. Location
3. Number of Bedrooms
4. Number of Bathrooms
5. Amenities
7. Finishes
8. Layout
9. Style
10. And…..the X factor

Unless your budget is limitless, you will not find the “perfect” home.  While most buyers and agents focus on number one on the list as the starting point, it is usually number ten that seals the deal. Buying a home is largely an irrational act, and driven by an emotional connection to the property. So, to make the search easier, perhaps you should focus more on how you feel about the home and less about how it conforms to the other list of requirements.

Central Phase One and Phase Two Floor Plans

With the first phase of Central by Urban Capital nearing completion at the corner of Bank and Gladstone and the launch of phase three quickly approaching this fall,  I thought that I would post the remaining floor plans for phases one and two.  I feel that the Via Spiga floor plan in phase two is maybe the best buy in the city right now for its size and price point.  For more details on pricing and availability please send me an email to

Phase One



Phase Two



What can you get for $1,000,000….?

There are currently 62 listings right now in Ottawa that are between $985,000 and $1,400,000.  A $1,000,000 house would cost you  roughly $3786.00 a month in mortgage alone. Here are some examples.  For a complete list of million dollar listings, just send me an email.  Click on each address for more information and additional pictures of these listings.

14 Powell Ave – $1,395,00

241 Glebe Ave – $1,375,000

267 Kirchoffer Ave – $1,200,000

1023 Tomkins Farm Cres – $985,000

Awesome New Project – Cathedral Hill

Cathedral Hill will lay claim to some of the best views of the Ottawa River and Gatineau Hills that Ottawa has to offer.  Its ideal location will alow its residents to walk to Parliament Hill and everything else downtown Ottawa has to offer.

What: A 12 storey office building, a 21 storey residential tower and a minimum of 8 high-end town homes

Where:  The corner of Bronson and Queen – Christ Church Anglican Cathedral

Who: Windmill Developments, the lead partner in the joint venture along with ONE Development, is Canada’s premier developer of sustainable communities, having completed projects such as Dockside Green and the Currents (located at Holland and Wellington above the Great Canadian Theatre Company) to a LEED Platinum standard.  Cathedral Hill will continue that commitment to sustainability with a design that provides superior energy performance, water conservation, enhanced comfort and a healthier indoor environment.

When: Launching Mid-September (I would estimate completion to be end of 2014 and into 2015)

For more information or to be registered for the launch of Cathedral Hill, send me an email with you contact information to

June In Review

Members of the Ottawa Real Estate Board sold 1,712 residential properties in June through the Board’s Multiple Listing Service® system compared with 1,543 in June 2010, an increase of 11 per cent. The five-year average for June sales is 1,695.

Of those sales, 378 were in the condominium property class, while 1,334 were in the residential property class. The condominium property class
includes any property, regardless of style (i.e. detached, semi-detached, apartment, stacked etc.), which is registered as a condominium, as well as properties, which are co-operatives, life leases and timeshares. The residential property class includes all other residential properties.

“It’s obvious that the dream of home ownership is alive and well in Ottawa, with solid sales numbers like these. First-time buyers are out in the market in a big way, due to continued low interest rates, and after last year’s HST-affected spring, we’re seeing a return to what the June resale market usually looks like in Ottawa,” said Board President Joanne Tibbles.

The average sale price of residential properties, including condominiums, sold in June in the Ottawa area was $353,560, an increase of 8 per cent over June 2010. The average sale price for a condominium-class property was $275,996, an increase of 9.6 per cent over June 2010. The average sale price of a residential-class property was $375,539, an increase of 7.3 per cent over June 2010. The Board cautions that average sale price information can be useful in establishing trends over time but should not be used as an indicator that specific properties have increased or decreased in value. The average sale price is calculated based on the total dollar volume of all properties sold.