My Customer Service Guarantee

This is how happy I am with my experience.

Customer service is pretty much dead, but we have known for that for years.  We always complain about how slow the service was here, or how inept that person was there, but we should also recognize that some people/companies go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic experience.  Even though it really doesn’t have much to do with real estate, I am going to take a second and do that now.

Last weekend, I installed the new Apple operating system, Lion.  Due to an error of my own, I erased half of my hard drive, including every piece of paper work, of every real estate transaction I have ever been apart of.  Thankfully, I have all of the hard copies at the office.  After a half-dozen phone calls and then finally  a trip into the Apple store (You’re the man Beau),  I finally now have a fully operationally Macbook Pro, running both Lion OSX and Windows 7.  Every single person that I dealt with along the way did everything they could do, to help me solve my problem.  Even though my warranty expired, they said “because I downloaded new software” they would be able to extend my warranty so that they could help me for free, which they absolutely didn’t have to do. When I called windows for help, they told me in order to speak to support, I would have to pay $59.00. My experience was phenomenal with Apple and from now on, I will only buy Apple products. You should too.

This process got me thinking.  In real estate, there is nothing more important than having open, honest, and prompt communication with your agent.  With this in mind, I’m going to pledge to make customer service one of my top priorities. This is my guarantee to you.  If you are working with me and I do not get back to you with in 24 hours of your phone call/email/text/BBM with an answer, I will pay you $100 cash on closing for every single time this happens.  So call me and lets get to work.  Have a great day.